The final project can be done by a group of 2-3 students. If you plan to form a larger group (three at most), please discuss your project idea with me before you submit the abstract. The total work should scale roughly with the group size.

The abstract is just a short paragraph describing: (1) the project name and member(s), (2) the problem you have chosen, (3) why the problem is interesting to you, and (4) what kind of data you plan to use.

In the project proposal, you will revise and extend your abstract to describe: (1) your project goal, or the problem you plan to work on, in a more concrete manner, (2) why the problem is interesting, (3) the general approach you plan to take, (4) what kind of data you plan to use and how you plan to get the data. You will also describe: (i) a preliminary description or analysis about your datasets, or (ii) some description about your dataset collection progress. At least, you should have early numbers or a figure as the preliminary analysis in your proposal

In the last week of class, each group will give an ignite presentation (5 minutes each; 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds). The final paper should be 4–8 pages in length following the ACM SIG format ( You should describe your problem, approach, dataset, data analysis, evaluation, discussion, references, and so on, in sufficient details, and you need to show supporting evidence in tables and/or figures. You need to provide captions for all tables and figures. You should also briefly describe how each member contributes to the total work in the end of the report. The final project will be graded largely based on the final presentation and paper. Late days will not apply to the final reports.

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